Children and Preteens

Helping Kids Encounter Jesus and Develop a Lasting Faith

The vision for Children’s and Preteen Ministries is that they will encounter Jesus, experience lasting faith, and grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Sunday Mornings (KIDSunday)

We have great programs for all children through 6th grade during our Sunday morning worship service. It all begins with check-in on the patio before the service. Families begin in worship together and all children will be dismissed partway through the service to their classes. How does it work? Click here to read about all of the KIDSunday details.

Wednesday Night for Preteens

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

Wellness Ministry

SBPC Preschool


Core Values and Commitments

The VISION for Children's and Preteen Ministries is that our children and preteens will encounter Jesus, experience lasting faith and grow as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. To live into this vision, we do the following: We make room for the Holy Spirit

Though the role of parents, church staff and volunteers is vital, at the core of faith development is the lifelong work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of His children. While we work and pray towards the development of a worldview with Jesus at the center for our kids, we know that ultimately it is the work of the Holy Spirit that brings faith to life and, together, we learn to position ourselves accordingly. 

We seek spiritual and emotional health for our children, families, church community, volunteers and staff.

We are whole people; body, mind and spirit. To be healthy at all ages, we must attend to all three. Early intervention, family based support, community awareness and the de-stigmatization of mental health care are all priorities of our community. We seek to learn how to rest, play and work together for the glory of God. This also means creating spaces that are safe for all - physically, spiritually and emotionally.

We learn together.

Invited and equipped volunteers participate in children’s ministry by walking alongside kids as they grow, mutually shaping each other as they learn and grow together. We want to nurture Biblical literacy while having room for the questions, doubts, and spiritual stretching that continues throughout the journey of faith. We value faith ownership and celebrate steps in that direction. We value all generations worshiping and serving together, as the wider church benefits from the active presence of children in all of church life. 

We love.

All day, every day, we seek to love God and each other unconditionally, as Christ loves us. 

KIDSunday Details


Check In for infants thru 6th grade will remain on the patio before the service starts and no longer includes temperature checks.


All children who have been checked in are dismissed to join their classes about 15 minutes into the service. At that time, parents with infants can bring their children directly to the nursery. Two year old and older will assemble on the patio at their class sign & will be walked to their class location. Note this change: 3rd & 4th graders now have their own class & their own sign.  


Parents can pick up their children promptly after service has ended. Pick up locations are available at the Children's Check in.


Masking inside the Children’s Ministry Center Building is optional. As always, we ask families to keep sick children home for at least 24 hours past all symptoms and to notify us if anyone is diagnosed with an infectious disease so we can follow procedures for notifications. More information about this is available below.