Learn About Our Choirs, Band, and Worship Team

We view music as one of the key elements of our worship. Music helps to unite us in our praise to God, reminds us of the beauty of our creator, and helps to take scriptural truths to heart.

We have a variety of musical styles that assist in leading our congregation in worship together.

Band, Worship Team, and Chancel Choir

Band and Worship Team

Our band and worship team lead worship on Sunday mornings with songs, prayer, and scripture. If you have been gifted with a musical talent and have a passion for worship, we want you to be able to use it for God’s glory. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of singing and/or playing with the team, contact our Worship Director, Lisa Pittman at or 858-509-2580.

Chancel Choir

Our choir leads us in worship on most Sunday mornings and adds to the rich sounds of our praise. Our choir leads us in a variety of songs with the band as well as special anthems. If you would like to join our choir, please contact our choir director, Aaron Burgett at or 858-509-2580.

Children's Choirs

Our Children’s Choirs are a great way for our kids to learn what it means to use their voices to worship God with others. They sing in our worship services about once per month and are a blessing for all who hear them. We have two children’s choirs, the Kids of the Kingdom Choir (ages 4 – 1st grade) and the Covenant Choir (2nd-6th grade). If you are interested in having your child(ren) join one of the choirs, please email Myra Cullum, Children’s Choir Director at or call Erin Eaves at 858-509-2580.

Handbell Choir

The Bells of Praise bring a different expression of praise to our worship services when they play. It’s a joy to hear the music that can be created by individual components when played well together. If you are interested in joining our bell choir, (you only need to be able to read music; all performance skills will be taught) contact Jenny Post at