Serve Your Church

Use your gifts to serve our church community

WE BELIEVE IN SERVING WITH YOUR GIFTS! We have so many great opportunities for everyone to serve based on their God-given calling, gifts, and passions.

Do you know what your gifts and passions are? If you haven’t done so, take a moment to find your SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Passion, and Experience) for service in God’s Kingdom.

SBPC would not function without our volunteers who have stepped up to serve. Our volunteers make a real difference in our church, our community, and our world.

There are MANY OPPORTUNITIES to serve at SBPC with your gifts (and yes, your schedule). When you sign up to serve and find out that it might not be a fit for you, that’s OK! We want God to be able to use you where you will find fulfillment and share that excitement with others.

Use the form below to let us know how you might use your gifts to serve at SBPC.