Learn What it Means to Become a Member of SBPC

At SBPC we value membership as a significant part of our life together.

Membership is a first step of discipleship, publicly professing your own faith in Jesus (and baptism) and committing to be part of the body of Christ in this community. At SBPC it’s a deeper commitment to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus and to joining us on a lifelong journey of spiritual growth—worshiping, growing and serving together.

Membership is the first step in leadership. Although we invite many to volunteer, we require that leaders of ministry teams, small groups, and mission teams be members. We ask that every member learn their SHAPE (Spiritual Gifts, Heartfelt Passion, Abilities, Personality and Experience) to see how God is calling you to serve in the place that gives you the most joy, and has the greatest impact for the kingdom of God.

Membership is the first step in contributing your voice. Together, members make significant decisions, including the election of church leadership and give important feedback at congregational meetings on the direction of our church. Only those who have been members for at least two years can be nominated to serve as elder, deacon or member of the nominating committee.


Our intention is to help you discern if SBPC is the right faith community for you. Although we have much in common with every other Christian church, it is true that every congregation has its own personality and emphases. We want you to be able to make a thoughtful and prayerful decision about your commitment as a member of SBPC.

Part of that exploration is our New Member Seminar, held multiple Sundays each year, after the worship service from 11:30am - 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided for registered attendees.

On the Sunday following a New Member Seminar, the congregation will welcome you into membership and we will celebrate baptism for those who have not already been baptized. We ask that new members attend service on the Sunday we welcome you.

Part 1 – Preparation (links below)

Part 2 – Seminar

  • Attend the New Member Seminar and bring your SHAPE results
  • You will be given the opportunity to respond to the membership questions and become a member of SBPC

Next Seminar Date

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Upcoming 2024 Seminar Dates

August 18, 2024

October 13, 2024

November 10, 2024

Questions about Membership?

Contact Amy Gilchrist

Part 3 – Welcome

  • New Members will be welcomed by the congregation during our worship service
  • Receive the sacrament of baptism if you have not yet been baptized