Kingdom Builder Foundation Grantees

KBF Fall 2021 Grantees

KBF Fall 2021 Grantees


Kingdom Builder Foundation Fall 2021 Grants

Alliance for African Assistance: Alliance is sponsoring 510 Afghan evacuees to resettle in San Diego. This grant will pay for rent (for one month), food, medication, transportation, and other necessities of daily life for four Afghan families.

Foundation Matthew 633, Inc.: Increase efficiency of providing twice-weekly provision of food and diapers to vulnerable families in North County, San Diego.

Lakeside Community Presbyterian Church: LCPC’s Eat and Greet once a month program provides an intergenerational, inclusive, relational bridge that reduces hunger and feelings of isolation.

Pathways to Citizenship: Expand legal software support Year 2 of 2 (Multi-year grant)

SBPC Hospitality: Monthly Parties on the Patio through June 2022 for re-gathering to encourage and deepen relationships for our Spanish and English congregants where we can invite others and promote belonging to God and one another through conversation, shared meals and fun. Events are expected to grow in-person attendance by 20%.

SBPC Student Ministries: “COVID camp special” for 50-60 7th -12th grade SBPC Students and their friends after they were unable to attend Forest Home Winter Camp last year. Part of the re-gathering and outreach effort.

SBPC Wellness: New wellness ministry focused on pre-teen mental health to host 3 Family Wellness events to help normalize mental health discussion in the church, increase awareness, provide training opportunities and help SBPC be a beacon of hope and help in the community.