Paul and Pat Stock

Working in South Asia


Paul and Pat work with the local church to help reduce spiritual and material poverty among marginalized communities. They do this through encouraging the local church in integral outreach, training, adult education, basic health, developing appropriate customs, starting self-help groups, as well as developing outreach, health and education resources. Paul and Pat also work with diaspora communities across Asia. 


Paul was born and raised in South Asia, the son of Presbyterian workers. Pat grew up in Virginia and North Carolina and became involved in relief and refugee work after finishing university. Paul and Pat joined Interserve in 1991, and have raised their four children in South Asia.

“I first came to SBPC as a child because my parents, Fred and Margie Stock, were supported by the church. Then, when I went to South Asia as a single worker in 1987, SBPC was one of the 3 churches that supported me. I remember sitting with the outreach committee members and sharing what I hoped to do in South Asia. They were so caring and encouraging. I didn’t feel like I was going alone. Our relationship has continued until now and we are so thankful for the partnership of SBPC.” -Paul Stock

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