REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey

The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey is a proven way to benchmark and track spiritual growth in a church congregation. It will help us move beyond measures like attendance and financial giving to determine if our church is really making a difference in helping people become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

This anonymous online assessment of spiritual development collects and curates data into detailed reports to help church leaders understand how people are experiencing their relationships with Jesus Christ and how their church can meet spiritual needs with more impact.

The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey is congregation-wide and open to all (18+) who call Solana Beach Presbyterian their church home.

The survey will be available through February 12, so be sure to complete it before then.

Allow about 20 minutes to complete.

Learn more about Reveal with Mike Johnson


Q: Why are we taking Reveal again?

A: In 2019 and 2021, Reveal helped to affirm strength and growth areas and stay focused on our transformation as disciples. Reveal helps church leadership track progress and set priorities toward accomplishing our mission of growing disciples.

Q: What is the database for Reveal?

A: Developed in 2005 after a decade of research, Reveal compares responses to a database of 2300 churches and 650,000 individuals as well as previous SBPC Reveal Surveys.

Q: Who can take Reveal?

A: Anyone who considers SBPC their church home and is over 18. The survey is only available in English. A similar survey to assess spiritual development will be provided for those under 18 and for Spanish speakers. To get an accurate assessment of our whole church family, we encourage all generations to participate. If you need assistance in completing this survey online, please contact Elizabeth Arthur ( for a paper version of the survey or to come into the SBPC offices to complete it online.

Q: How will the results be communicated?

A: Staff and session will receive results directly from our consultants. The congregation will receive a high level summary through sermons, e-newsletters and leadership gatherings.