Co-Pastor Nominating Committee

News and Updates about Pastor Mike's Transition

News and updates regarding Pastor Mike's retirement transition plan and our co-pastor search process.


January 21, 2024 - Pastor Mike announces his retirement.

January 28, 2024 - Congregational Meeting - The 2024 Nominating Committee is approved and asked to form the Co-Pastor Nominating Committee (CPNC)

February 4, 2024 - All nominations for the CPNC are due to the Nominating Committee by this date.

March 17, 2024 - Congregational Meeting to approve the Co-Pastor Nominating Committee


  • [COMPLETED] Nominating Committee discerns members for Co-pastor Nominating Committee (CPNC)
  • [APPROVED] Congregation votes at specially called Congregational Meeting to approve CPNC
  • [COMPLETED] Session finalizes and posts Ministry Discernment Profile (MDP)
  • [IN PROCESS] CPNC interviews and vets candidates
  • CPNC recommends a nominee and presents them to the congregation
  • Congregation votes to approve nominee
  • Nominee is installed as co-pastor
  • Co-pastor serves alongside Pastor Mike for a period of time
  • Mike retires; co-pastor becomes the new Senior Pastor
Co-Pastor Nominating Committee

Top Row: Lori Clarke (co-chair), Judy Enns (co-chair), Jeff Creighton, Danielle Kruger

Bottom Row: Ramiro Marchena, Cara Miller, David Southcombe, Julie Watts

During this process, please pray with us using the following prayer:

Father God, we praise you for your wisdom, your sovereignty and your generosity. We thank you that you have been so faithful and good to our congregation for the past eight decades--through transitions, celebrations and challenges. We ask you to guide us in our search for a co-pastor. Give us our co-pastor nominating committee and our congregation wisdom, clarity and courage in this process of discernment. May we know your heart and your mind and faithfully follow your will as we take the next right step in this process. We pray for the CPNC members to listen to your voice and follow your lead. We pray for our congregation to be faithful in prayer, giving and participation in our life together. We pray for our staff and church leadership as they navigate this season of change and transition. We love you and we trust you and we look forward to all you have for us and for your glory and honor. In Jesus' name, Amen

CPNC Updates

June 14, 2024

CPNC continues to be grateful for the outpouring of prayer support for its work. As we enter the next phase of our co-pastor search discernment and activity, guided by the Holy Spirit we ask for clarity, humility, and wisdom for sound call seeker and process decisions. We ask that God continue to lead those call seekers on whose hearts He is laying this call to us and that we with humility faithfully consider them.

May 24, 2024

CPNC is grateful for the outpouring of prayer support for its work. We have spent the last several weeks in discernment using Larry Warner’s book, “Discernment, God’s Will & Living Jesus,” committed to Christian discernment as our way of working together. We are shaping and refining processes for responding to call seekers, using the Ministry Profile developed by SBPC’s session. We are trusting God, trusting each other, and trusting the Holy Spirit will guide our processes and mutual discernment as we will interact with those who are sensing a call to potentially pastor our congregation.  

April 12, 2024

Our team has begun to meet regularly and we are engaging with our roles and responsibilities. The Ministry Discernment Profile (job description and posting) has been made live and we are ready to begin accepting applicants and begin the discernment and vetting process. We will provide regular updates to the congregation on this webpage and through the church weekly email.