Care Team

Contacts for areas of care provided by SBPC

Care Ministries can offer visitation and support for many needs. If you are experiencing a challenging time (illness, new baby, homebound, etc), please reach out and one of our team will assist in any way we can. 

Use the form below to let us know how we can care for you or contact one of our care team members directly.

SBPC Care Team Contacts

Karen La-Haise

Coordinator of Care Ministries

858-509-2580 x1221

Juan-Daniel Espitia

Pastor of Care and Outreach

858-509-2580 x1230

Cindy Wright

Minister of Care

858-509-2580 x1400

John Illian

Minister of Visitation

858-509-2580 x1210

Diana Ambrose

Deacon Moderator