This Is the Life - Readings and Resources

Weekly Scripture Readings, Music Playlist, and other resources for your time alone with God

This spring, we invite you to continue (or begin) personal spiritual practices by spending fifteen minutes a day with God in scripture, prayer, and solitude. Use this guide for your daily reading and enrich your time with recommended music and books.


  1. Listen to a song from the playlist.
  2. Read a scripture passage from this week’s selections
  3. Spend 3-5 minutes in silence
  4. Write down something that you sense God would want you to believe in or do today.

Weekly Scripture Readings


In this message series, we explore and discover what it means to have life in Jesus, have life in his name. These songs express our joy and gratitude for the gift and sacrifice of God's son. The songs also take us deeper in our desire and commitment to love him with our whole selves, to follow him, to trust him, to sacrifice for him and surrender to him, knowing that true life can only be found in him. May this music draw you closer to the One who draws close to us, loves us, chooses us and, through his Spirit, equips us for his purpose and glory. 

Series Artwork

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas - Caravaggio
Supper at Emmaus - Caravaggio
Walking to Emmaus - Fritz von Uhde
O Master Let Me Walk with Thee - Mike Moyers
Word of Life Mural - Millard Sheets
This picture is in the main hallway of the SBPC Offices. It was painted by an SBPC high school student during one of the 5:45 worship services.
Study of Christ and Nicodemus on a Rooftop - Henry Ossawa Tanner