San Diego Rescue Mission

Helping to Transform the Lives of Those Experiencing Homelessness

San Diego Rescue Mission exists to spread the good news of salvation through Christ by serving the needs of the poor, addicted, abused, and homeless, thus improving the quality of their lives.

We believe in the inherent worth of every homeless man, woman, and child, and provide rehabilitation and discipleship programs that lead to permanent change and independent living.


San Diego Rescue Mission offers a wide range of onsite programs and services. It is the only major homeless shelter in San Diego that does not receive government funding for its programs. It exists entirely on donations and profits from several thrift stores that they own and operate in the San Diego area. Today there are close to 400 residents enrolled in the long-term, 1 year program. The programs are gender specific helping them attain sobriety with counseling and learning life skills. On any given day there are 70-80 mothers and children safely sheltered with us.