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Hi Faithful Prayer Team,

We hope that you are having a wonderful week!

On Sunday, each Ladle guest received a hearty meal which included an individually packaged shepherd’s pie made by our talented volunteer cook Jeff! Our faithful volunteers served well over 200 of these delicious comfort meals as many came back for “seconds.” The devotion that was given to each guest was based upon the meeting with Jesus and Thomas from John 20:24-29. This heartfelt devotion from John S. ended with this special prayer, “Dear Jesus, we all experience some doubt about you sometimes. Please build our trust in you. And for all who are still wondering if you’re real, please help them believe you are. Amen.” 

Thank you for your prayers! Our Street Corner Care (SCC) medical outreach in partnership with Dreams for Change and the Safe Parking Program (SPP) was a blessing to all. On Saturday, our medical outreach team provided much needed medical care to the homeless in the SPP program. There was one woman in particular who was in need of immediate care. She had some concerns regarding her health, but was unsure if it warranted a visit to a hospital. Our team was able to access her condition and determined that she needed to go to the ER for medical attention or the consequences could have been fatal. In addition to treatment, the Street Corner Care team was able to counsel homeless patients regarding COVID-19 and alleviate many of their fears. We hope to have our Street Corner Care team out in the community again soon! 

We are so thankful for you and the difference you are making in the lives of our Ladle friends and family. Have a great week and please stay safe 🙂 


Crystal Carlson

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