Jorge and Denise Barro

Serving at the South American Theological Seminary in Brazil

SATS Mission

In the pursuit of Christian excellence of mind, body, soul, and community, SATS’ mission is to prepare leaders for service in the Kingdom of God. SATS therefore subscribes to a holistic (integral) vision of theology as it is outlined in the Lausanne Covenant.

The South American Theological Seminary was founded in 1994 by the Barro brothers, Dr. Antonio Carlos Barro, and Dr. Jorge Henrique Barro, with a vision to teach and practice missional theology in an interdenominational, ecumenical context. Also, central to SATS’ founding vision was teaching a theology that took seriously its Latin American context and the theologies and ecclesiologies that have risen from that context. Over its 24-year history, SATS now has over 3,000 alumni serving churches, NGOs, and other Christian organizations in Brazil, Latin America, and around the world. SATS’ main campus is strategically located in the city of Londrina, Brazil (southwestern part of the country).

SATS offers the following programs: bachelor of Theology and post-graduate program in Theology. Currently, SATS is expanding the online program by establishing satellites in strategic cities of Brazil. SATS also offers a Masters level course to Portuguese-speaking Africans in Maputo, Mozambique, and already more than 40 students have graduated (MA level).


Broadly, we serve the church of Christ and the people of God. One of the most crucial needs in Brazil is to have leadership (including pastoral) with solid biblical-theological training. Many pastors have no formal theological education. Thus, we serve the church in the preparation of its future leadership (not only pastoral) so that its praxis is relevant and contextual. In this way, we serve the kingdom of God as such leaders will be instruments of God`s mission in the world.


SATS has a team of highly skilled, well-equipped professors, tutors, and people in the administrative departments. Our professors have master’s and doctorate degrees in Theology and related areas. An unqualified team will not be able to impact future generations.


  • Visit our ministry in Brazil
  • Pray for SATS, its staff, its students
  • Seek to know Brazil better and its challenges
  • Offer time as a volunteer in the areas of education, technology. We are very interested in growing in technological intelligence in education, because we believe that without this intelligence we will achieve little in an increasingly technological world.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Pastor Juan-Daniel Espitia.