Home Communion

Are you homebound and want to receive communion?

The Deacon’s Care Ministries Team manages and lovingly provides communion for homebound members and friends participating in the life of the congregation.

A team of 2 Elders and/or Deacons will come to your place of dwelling and administer communion as an extension of the communion served in the worship service on the first Sunday of the month.

For questions, information and requests for home communion please contact:

Barb Jones, Deacon



Do you want to help serve communion?

Many have gone before us and been faithful in their attendance, support, and service to this church. Their names and faces may not be known to all of us, but God knows who they are. Many of them are no longer able to come to worship, but still long for that opportunity. That is where God may be calling you to serve, if you are a past or present Deacon or Elder.

Our church has an ongoing need for home communion servers. The training is simple, the time commitment minimal and, best of all, the Lord does the work – he just asks you to show up.


Barb Jones