God on the Move—Welcome to the Kingdom!

Article from our mission partners in Mexico

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Christian baptism represents birth, death, and marriage, all at the same time. The believer dies to self, is born spiritually, and joins the bride of Christ. Sunday, seven people took the plunge, literally, here at the mission base!

The pools where we have held baptisms before already had closed for the season, so Enrique borrowed a pool from another church. Saturday morning, the truck arrived at six-thirty with a tank of water. I was the only one awake and the pool was unassembled. Here was an example of the beauty and patience of Mexico.

I made coffee for the driver and he was more than content to sip it under a large tree while Enrique woke up the Bible students.

“Sorry! You can go back to sleep later, but we need you to assemble the pool!”

Without complaint, the students raised the pool and Enrique filled it, letting the water-truck driver finish his coffee.

After worship and a short meditation, Jose, whom we recently ordained, began by baptizing his wife, Michelle. The next one was Monica, who had put off the sacrament because her Catholic father thought it was blasphemous. Today, however, she chose her own beliefs over her father’s and let herself be submerged. Her sister, having had the same struggle, suddenly threw off her outer shirt and ran to follow her sister’s example.

“Let’s have a couple more songs of worship to celebrate,” announced Enrique, “then anyone who wants can say something.”

As expected, Michelle and a few others, still wet from baptism, testified and thanked various people. A young boy, maybe seven or eight, walked up next to the microphone. He had not been baptized and no one imagined what he would say. When he spoke, it was with an air of authority well beyond his age.

“We’re here today because seven people chose to be baptized! That means the kingdom of Heaven is larger! I thank God for that and it’s definitely reason to celebrate!”

Everyone was silent for a moment, stunned by the spiritual maturity of this child, then shouting and applause erupted closing the service in joy. The kids jumped in the pool; the adults served up a feast, and the bride of Christ, now seven people larger, loved one another and gave thanks to God.

Submitted by Ellie Goolkasian Lugo