Friends of MOPS

Receive Updates and Participate in MOPS Playdates and Mom's Night Out

Please fill out the following form to register for "Friends of Solana Beach MOPS." You will have the opportunity to be included in MOPS Playdates & Mom's Night Out events, as well as get occasional Solana Beach MOPS group updates (including info on future registration for Friday Mornings) and other opportunities to connect with moms & families in a similar stage of life!

Liability Agreement

By checking the box above, I hereby give permission for myself and my child(ren) to take part in Solana Beach MOPS activities and absolve Solana Beach Presbyterian Church & Solana Beach MOPS from liability for any injury incurred during MOPS events. In the event of illness or accident to myself and/or my child(ren), I understand that if needed, emergency personnel will be called. I acknowledge that all expenses for medical care are my responsibility. I indemnify and hold harmless Solana Beach Presbyterian Church & Solana Beach MOPS, and any representative of it from and against any liability which may occur as a result of the exercise of this consent.

Photo Release

By checking the box below, I hereby understand that myself and my child(ren) may be photographed during MOPS activities and those photos are solely the property of Solana Beach MOPS & Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. Photos may be used for, but not limited to, promotional materials, social media, slide shows, websites, etc.