Ellie and Enrique Goolkasian-Lugo

Working in Community Health Evangelism in Mexico


Enrique and Ellie work in the San Quintin Valley of Baja California, Mexico. Their passion is transformational ministry: encouraging people to work towards their own spiritual, mental, and physical health through an intimate and powerful relationship with Jesus! They pastor a church of indigenous farmworkers, are hosts of a mission base, and run a Men’s Restoration Center, freeing men from addictions while discipling them in Christ. Ellie teaches prevention of chronic disease through healthy lifestyle with the purpose of honoring God. She is also a writer whose stories give insight into missionary life and God’s presence in Baja.


Ellie and Enrique met in 2007 at Foundation For His Ministry, a large orphanage and evangelistic ministry in Baja started by Charla Pereau (ffhm.org). Ellie worked in and supervised their medical clinic while Enrique attended their Bible Institute. They married in 2008 and later moved to Jaramillo where Enrique was ordained as a pastor.

“I met hundreds of missionaries from the U.S. and Canada while at the orphanage,” Ellie said, “but none with as much love, support, and prayer as I received from my home church, Solana Beach Presbyterian!”

Enrique grew up in Tijuana and struggled with addiction for years. He broke free at a Christ-based rehabilitation center from which he developed a powerful testimony and a passion to set others free. He recently completed a Doctorate in Theology and is an incredibly gifted worship leader.

Ellie was born in Massachusetts and came to Christ after moving to San Diego as a young adult. Her nursing career included ICU and hospice experience where she saw much suffering and disease that might have been prevented through healthy choices. She went on some short-term mission trips with her home church, Solana Beach Presbyterian, before beginning monthly trips to the orphanage. During one of these short visits, she heard God call her to Mexico.