CSD Site Proposal

Suggest a site to serve for Community Serve Day

Use the form below to recommend a site to serve during a future Community Serve Day


  • Meets a real community need: not “forcing” something on an agency simply so we have a project.
  • Larger groups may be broken down into two shifts or two sites at one location.
  • Fits within a general context of serving within our community (Coastal areas from Oceanside to downtown San Diego).
  • Supports or works with organizations that we believe in (not opposing ideologies).
  • ls able to be done in the time frame on that day in one or two four-hour shifts.

Please remember that when speaking with your organization, we are unable to make guarantees; this proposal is to get information. Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible, especially regarding the proposed work to be done.

Questions? Send email to communityserveday@gmail.com or call 760-278-2190