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Border Ministries at SBPC, in partnership with Hope without Boundaries, serves different communities of children and the elderly in Tijuana and Rosarito, Mexico. Our goal is to serve our neighbors across the border by sharing a meal, friendship, a Christian craft and the word of God; and to offer an easily accessible mission opportunity for our congregation where we can serve intergenerationally together.

This ministry matches God’s command to love our neighbor and our church’s mission to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We go to Mexico on the second Saturday of each month and serve at four different sites:

  • Carretas—a squatter community outside of TJ where we serve 35-40 children by offering a pancake breakfast, Bible lesson and craft. This is a great volunteer opportunity for all, but especially for families with kids, with the chance to build long lasting relationships.
  • El Camino Vivo—a church in the Pedregal de San Julia neighborhood in Tijuana where we serve a growing number (65-85+) of children and families by offering a pancake breakfast, Bible lesson and craft. This is another great volunteer opportunity for all to build long lasting relationships.
  • El Refugio—a home for about 180 disabled individuals who exist hand-to-mouth. We offer a full breakfast as well as companionship for the residents who could use a ray of sunshine in their lives. This site is better served by either adults or mature youth due to the dire circumstance of the individuals. No specific skill is required; just the willingness to comfort and love.
  • Cristo Rey Church—a community church in Rosarito where we serve 50+ children and their families with a pancake breakfast, Bible lesson and craft. This is also a good service opportunity for families and children.

Our monthly ministry has served in Baja, Mexico consistently and lovingly for 12 years! We are seeing God on the move and would love to have you join us.

Our next trip will be on Saturday, Nov. 10. We meet in the church parking lot at 6:30 am to caravan down and usually return by 2:30 pm. You will typically be assigned to one site and can usually pick which site you would like to serve. Please contact George Arapage to learn more

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