Immanuel, God with Us

Weekly Scripture Readings, Music Playlist, and other resources for your time alone with God

This Advent season, we invite you to continue (or begin) personal spiritual practices by spending fifteen minutes a day with God in scripture, prayer, and solitude. We are encouraging everyone to use a journal for reflection during their time alone this fall and believe it is a practice that can help you reflect and remember what you heard each day.

Use this guide for your daily reading and enrich your time with recommended music and books.



Slow down with deep and steady breaths, and/or listen to a song on the playlist. (Romans 12:1, Psalm 46:10, 27:4)

  • READ

Read a passage from this week’s selection. What word or phrase are you drawn to?


Spend a few minutes in silence listening to what God may be telling you.


Be Creative. If you are writing, then write as little or as much as you’d like, but also feel free to draw, paint or collage.

Be Honest. As you journal, use that time to be aware of your feelings while resisting the temptation to declare them good or bad. Share your true thoughts. Embrace freedom and grace.

Be Free. See God as your heavenly parent who receives your writing and/or art with great joy and delight.

Weekly Scripture Readings


This Advent season, we invite you to enter into the Gospel story through music. 

These songs tell the story of God’s deep, amazing love for this world and the precious gift of his son, Jesus Christ. These songs take us from the wonder and celebration of the manger to the sacrifice and humility of the cross, with the promise that Emmanuel, God with us, who came to earth years ago as a baby is present with us today, through his Spirit. We encourage you to use these songs in your personal time with God, reading the lyrics online as you listen or printing them out as you meditate on these words and use them as a prayer.