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The Designated Associate Pastor Nominating Committee ( the DAPNC ) was approved by the congregation on Sunday February 9th. This committee is mandated to search for a suitable candidate for the position of Associate Pastor for Student Ministries. Just to recap, the called candidate will serve as a Designated Associate Pastor for two or four years, and at the end of this time could be “installed” indefinitely, by vote of the congregation. In this process the Presbytery of San Diego will present us with a short list of qualified candidates to consider, both from internal and external applicants.

The Ministry Information form approved by Session, which outlines the characteristics of SBPC and includes the position description, was submitted to Presbytery on February 12th.

We are committed to a process of discernment, and complete dependence on the will of God. We will seek to identify the person God is calling and preparing to serve in this position. In preparation we have met for four consecutive weeks and have used these times for our six members to become better acquainted, to pray, to build understanding and trust, and to study a book on spiritual discernment. Pastor Mike joined us at the first meeting to share the
session’s vision for this position in student leadership, and the need for an additional pastoral presence at SBPC.

Next Steps
In early March the Committee on Ministry (COM) at Presbytery, assigned us a liaison who will walk through the process with us. It is our hope to meet with this person very soon to clarify the details of our process, and our responsibilities.

Please pray for us, for discernment and indifference, for the process and partnership with Presbytery, and for the candidate that God is calling to this position.
We all feel extremely privileged and humbled to serve the congregation in this search.

Christine Willems (chair DAPNC)
Mark Halling, Doreen Hutton, Mike Maquet, Matt Miller, Cathy Tyre

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