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Session held its regular April meeting on Tuesday, April 14 via a video conference call. Pastor Paula Taylor led us and the Deacons in a spiritual practice at the start of the meeting, reminding us who Jesus is to all of us and each of us while we lead the church in the midst of sheltering in place. After, the Session continued separately by hearing updates from Pastor Mike McClenahan on SBPC finances, staff, and ministry. In March, we continued the eighth month of operating at a surplus and our reserves are strong. Staff is continuing with regular meetings via video conferencing and is fully engaged, creatively navigating ministry in the light of COVID-19 restrictions. Worship attendance is expanding with online services, our participation in small groups seems to be more consistent (the elders are all committed to their small groups), and we are finding creative ways to serve each other and the community. The facility staff is on campus providing security and regular maintenance of the buildings and grounds while staying safe. Session approved our application for the Paycheck Protection Program through the CARES Act to ensure the continuity of our staff through this pandemic.

Session is continuing with its role of monitoring policies while working on the update of its Policy Governance Manual to ensure best practices in pursuing our Global End: Our members, friends, and neighbors become disciples of Jesus, growing in their love of God and each other.

Session voted to meet twice monthly for updates during this time. Although we are not worshipping together on our beautiful campus, we are still the church. God is at work creating something new!

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Christian Buckley, Heather Caliri, Steve Carter, Kellie Church, Janice Coy, Judy Enns, Juan-Daniel Espitia, TJ Freeland, Mike McClenahan, Paula Nance, Anita Power, Steve Rossier, Paula Taylor, Clay Westling, Wendell Wierenga


  1. Thank you for all you are doing to help us stay connected and grow in our faith walk with Jesus.

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