God Hears Us

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We heard this story from one of our Deacons and she said it would be OK for us to share her story with the congregation. It’s a great reminder that God is definitely at work.

As the weekend approached I dreaded yet another trip to Memphis, to another court hearing involving my 22 month old granddaughter, and the battle. My granddaughter and her mom live with us here. Her father is in Memphis and wants to have the toddler 2 weeks per month. Her mom of course says no, it is too far away from moma. She will agree to one week per month, but the father says no.

This hearing will be different though, because this time our attorney wants to put me on the stand. I will be coached on what our attorney will ask, but the opposing attorney is vicious ( son-in-law has gone through 4 attorneys now). So I am dreading this. We went away for Labor Day weekend, so I didn’t go to church and therefore, once again, I didn’t get my prayer request in the plate regarding this situation.

Monday, a window washer showed up at my home with his young wife. I had found them in the yellow pages. They spent the whole day  at my home and did a wonderful job. The wife came to me towards late afternoon and said she had to leave because she was an associate pastor for a church in Clairmont, and was leading a women’s Bible study that evening in her home. She serves them dinner. She is also pregnant!! Anyway, I thanked her and said goodbye.

When her husband finished an hour later, he rang the doorbell and I thanked him, paid him, and then he looked at me and said, “Is there anything I could pray with you about? I am a pastor of a church in Clairmont and this is my favorite part of my job.”

So of course I told him a bit of what had been going on concerning my daughter, granddaughter, and my son-in-law. He told me he always prays about the home he is about to arrive at and the Lord often gives him a word regarding them. The word he heard for us directly related to our situation!!

I am not going to go in to what that word was, because that would take another whole paragraph, but it was personal and very true and meaningful. The Lord knew it would speak to me! So this window washer/minister, laid his hand on my shoulder and prayed a prayer of victory over this situation and for justice to prevail.

The next day, my daughter got a call from her attorney in Memphis. The judge declared there will be no more hearings on this matter until the divorce trial! So the hearing next week is cancelled! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

The name of the window washer’s business is Ascension window washing! I should have known he was a Christian by the name!!

Story submitted by Sue Mansho

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