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We are so excited that so many of our Small Groups at SBPC  are having successful gathering time via Zoom, we are learning so many new things during this unprecedented time.  One thing we do know for certain is that God is meeting us right where we are, we can trust in Him.  If you have questions regarding Small Groups, you can contact Terri at  We look forward to an official start to Fall Small Groups during the week of September 20.

These are direct quotes from various small groups as we have been collecting their thoughts:

“What have we learned from all of this…  flexibility.  We do miss each other, however some members have visited others while keeping a social distance.   All in all we are doing fine and look forward to a time in which we can gather together again !”

“Hearts more open to the Word of Jesus because there are fewer distractions, but minds are suffering because of chaos, uncertainty, mixed messages from media, sickness, and quarantine fatigue.”

“Everyone shows up!  Best attendance ever.  It’s a real lesson in humility, complacency has been revealed.”

 “Some members who have not had time to meet are coming back to meet with the group.  Some members who have moved away are joining in with their previous group.”

“We are sympathetic and empathetic with each other. The benefit we get from gathering around the word of God with each other brings patience and acceptance as we are challenged, and together overcome.”

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