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We seek to IMPACT THE WORLD by demonstrating the Kingdom of God and inviting others to join it.

We at SBPC are committed to supporting and partnering with long term missionaries and other partners who we visit and develop relationships with short term teams.

Let your heart be stirred by the things that stir the heart of God. And please join us as we give our lives away for the life of the world.

Global Partnerships

Ethiopia Partnership

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus

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El Salvador Partnership

Shama Kids Child Development Center

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Come Build Hope

Amor Ministries, Baja Mexico

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Border Ministries

Hope Without Boundaries, Baja Mexico

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Missionary Partners

Jorge Barro

South American Theological Seminary, Brazil

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Ellie Goolkasian Lugo

Community Health Evangelism, Mexico

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Bela and Ildiko Dobos

Word of Life, Hungary

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Justus and Samantha Heyman

Church Planting, France

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Greg and Kathy Saracoff

Team Tijuana, Mexico

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We are at work in the desert of Ethiopia to bring the gospel and community development to a group we call “our friends”. This partnership links several US congregations and the Ethiopia Evangelical Church Mekane Jesus.

“Come help us,” is the request repeated voiced to us by the leaders of the poorest ethnic group in Ethiopia. Because of security concerns, we are not able to post the actual name of this group on the web, so we will call them, “Our Friends.” This two million member tribe has roamed the barren desert of Ethiopia for millennia, eking out an existence for their herds and families. Remote and neglected by the rest of the world, they refer to themselves as “The Forgotten People.”

Contact Pastor Juan-Daniel at for more information and to see how you can help serve with this people group.


Reaching kids and the elderly in Baja, Mexico

Though the beauty and warm culture of Mexico is well known, so is the poverty. Hunger is an everyday experience for many. Each month, a team from SBPC feeds 180 abandoned, disabled elderly at El Refugio, a home for people whose families cannot afford to care for them. El Refugio is an overcrowded facility sustained only by donations and volunteers.
Border Ministry also feeds between 200 to 300 undernourished kids at 3 locations in Tijuana and Rosarito.

One of these is Carretas, a barrio near the old Tijuana dump. There we have helped build a community center to feed and care for these kids. The children at all locations also make and take home a Christian craft as they hear God’s word!


Come Build Hope is our annual Memorial Day Weekend home building trip to Baja, Mexico. We get to partner with Mexican families over the weekend, and together, we will build a home using locally sourced materials. Building homes for these families helps to bring stability, security, and safety to their lives. We are able to build between 15-20 homes over the weekend and each year, we partner with Amor Ministries who have been building homes for the 1983.


Compassion International, El Salvador

For many decades, SBPC has been called by God to extend a hand of Christian friendship to our Hispanic neighbors, many of whom have recently migrated to the USA. Fifteen years ago, we were called by God to also address the root problems that cause people to leave their homes in Latin America to find a better life in the USA. That led to a 12 year partnership with a remote Mixtec people group in southern Mexico. Partnering with Plant With Purpose, we saw dramatic changes in the economic and spiritual health of that area, such that families were able to stay together in their renewed villages.

When that rewarding partnership came to a close, we still felt God calling us to address the poverty that drives many to leave their homes in Latin America. We were led to Compassion International (CI), one of the largest and most respected child sponsorship organizations in the world. And we were led to partner with CI to start a Child Development Center (CDC) in El Salvador through child sponsorships.

The unique approach of CI resonates with us. They are explicitly Christ-centered, child-centered and church-centered. Local churches with a vision to reach children and their families are equipped by CI to run a CDC. Children enrolled in the CDC receive after school meals and tutoring, along with medical check-ups and treatment and a consistent witness to Christ.

We launched this new in January 2017 and expect to grow it for many years to come.


In 1997 and 1998 mission teams from the Solana Beach Presbyterian Church went to the Dominican Republic and Mexico with Plant With Purpose (then called Floresta) to help plant trees, assist with Vacation Bible Schools and work along side our partners in community development projects. In 1999-2014 SBPC entered into a long-term partnership with 3 hillside communities where Plant with Purpose worked with the local leaders to improve the lives of the people who live in these rural villages.

Plant with Purpose, a Christian non-profit organization, is helping farmers grow wood products and fruit trees in place of soil-destroying traditional crops. These farmers are halting deforestation, starting reforestation and improving their incomes at the same time.Through Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), Plant with Purpose helps community groups come together both to save and create credit opportunities. Plant with Purpose also has a vital Christian witness and encourages its farmers to participate in their local churches.


It was an ornate castle nestled on a 78-acre estate of lush trees, a picturesque lake, stables, the works! Then communism overran Central and Eastern Europe and the owners were evicted. For 40 years the Communist party used the grounds as a youth camp. When communism crumbled, the state could not afford to run the facility.

Waiting in the wings was Word of Life, an international youth ministry that was praying about mission work in Hungary. Through prayer and patience, Word of Life purchased the fairy tale estate and has turned it into a thriving Forest Home-like youth camp, complete with a swimming lake, basketball courts, soccer field, and more.

Every summer, over 1000 kids from all over Eastern Europe spend a week at the camp. Many have never heard the Good News of Jesus. All are eager to learn English and are drawn by the camp’s sports programs.

We send a team from SBPC to join the awesome Word of Life staff to offer English instruction and sporting activities. No training in teaching or sports is necessary. All that’s required is a love for Jesus and a love for youth!

We are now forming our team for summer 2018! We are especially in need of a lead volleyball coach. The trip dates are July 25 – August 5. You must at least in 12th grade to come on the trip. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Meghan Mattioli.


South American Theological Seminary

SATS Mission
In the pursuit of Christian excellence of mind, body, soul, and community, SATS’ mission is to prepare leaders for service in the Kingdom of God. SATS therefore subscribes to a holistic vision of theology as it is outlined in the Lausanne Covenant.

The South American Theological Seminary was founded in 1994 by Dr. Antonio Carlos Barro, with a vision to teach and practice theology in an interdenominational, ecumenical context. Also central to SATS´ founding vision was teaching a theology that took seriously its Latin American context and the theologies and ecclesiologies that have arisen from that context. Over its nearly 13-year history, SATS now has over 500 alumni serving churches, NGOs, and other Christian organizations in Brazil, Latin America, and around the world. SATS´ main campus is strategically located in the city of Londrina, Brazil (southwestern part of the country). Londrina is centrally located between Brazil´s largest cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and other Latin American metropoles such as Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Lima, Peru.

SATS offers two extension courses located in Brazil´s central region. One is in the city of Campo Grande, and the other is in Rondonópolis. SATS also offers a Masters´ level course to Portuguese-speaking Africa in Maputo, Mozambique.


Interserve, Pakistan

Paul was born and raised in Pakistan, the son of Presbyterian missionaries; Pat grew up in the American South and became involved in relief and refugee work after finishing university. Paul and Pat joined Interserve in 1991, and have raised their four children in Pakistan. They work with the Church of Pakistan to evangelize and disciple Hindu tribal peoples (who are considered “untouchables” by the Muslims and caste Hindus) in the southern province of Sindh. The Stocks work with a team to develop Christian resources that are culturally relevant to the tribal peoples, such as Bible study materials, health primers, and DVDs and CDs of songs in the various tribal languages (available to view on YouTube). They also have an evangelistic team doing outreach to Hindu villages using indigenous music, dance, and drama.


A mission priority of our church is witnessing to the Gospel of Jesus among those who have little chance to hear and respond. The largest sector of ethnic groups in the world that has little or no Gospel witness is the Muslim block. We therefore have sustained a long commitment to several families from SBPC who are working among Muslims. For decades these families served in Muslim majority countries, making friends for Jesus among their Muslim neighbors. In recent years, these workers have been called into ministries of training the next generation of mission workers among Muslims. With the rising tensions in the world that often involve Muslims; the time is right and urgent to multiply a loving and well trained Christian presence in the Muslim world.

 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

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