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We seek to IMPACT THE WORLD by demonstrating the Kingdom of God and inviting others to join it.

We take to heart the call of the prophet Jeremiah: “Seek the shalom of the city where I have carried you. Pray for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

Please get better acquainted with the many ways we try to answer the prayer “thy Kingdom come.” And please join in as we energetically seek to declare and demonstrate the Good News of Jesus in our city and country.

Our Local Outreach Ministries

Border Ministries

Hope Without Boundaries, Baja Mexico

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International Students

Welcoming and Inviting International Students at UCSD

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Homeless Veterans Initiative

Supporting Our Veterans with Housing Transitions

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Community Serve Day

Worshiping Through Serving Our Community

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Foster Youth Ministry

Helping Foster Youth Transition to Adulthood

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Hispanic Outreach

Supporting Our Spanish Speaking Neighbors

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Creation Care

Helping to Care for God's Creation

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Come Build Hope

Partnering with Baja Families to Build Homes

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Our Local Partners

Casa de Amistad

Making a Difference, One Child at a Time

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Reality Changers

Empowering First Generation College Students

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Foodtruck Ministry

Bringing Food and Supplies to Families in Need

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Presbyterian Urban Ministries

Showing Christ's Love to the Homeless and Urban Poor

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North County Immigration and Citizenship Center

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San Diego Rescue Mission

Helping to Transform the Lives of Those Experiencing Homelessness

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Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Ramiro and Wendi Marchena

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St. Leo's Medical and Dental Clinic

Providing Medical Services to the Working Poor

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Community Serve Day is the Sunday where we worship God by joining with our friends and neighbors to do tasks all over San Diego County that make a difference and shine God’s goodness. Jesus sent his disciples out, asking them to do good works, to care for those they met and to tell them that the kingdom of God has come near to them. Through our acts of service we want to bring God’s love to serve and serve with, sharing the kingdom of God. Imagine yourself, your family, your small group reaching out together.If you have a service organization, or coworkers invite them along. Community Serve Day offers us a perfect way to bring our friends together, meet needs and make a difference.


Come Build Hope is our annual Memorial Day Weekend home building trip to Baja, Mexico. We get to partner with Mexican families over the weekend, and together, we will build a home using locally sourced materials. Building homes for these families helps to bring stability, security, and safety to their lives. We are able to build between 15-20 homes over the weekend and each year, we partner with Amor Ministries who have been building homes for the 1983.


Change the Future by investing two hours a week in the life of child in our neighborhood. On a weekly basis, our volunteers work with 200 underserved children and teens from our community. Casa de Amistad meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You choose the age (elementary through high school) and we’ll match you up with an amazing student.


We Care because God Cares. The Bible’s first command is to “serve and protect” the earth (Gen 2:15). Caring for God’s creation is to be a high priority for God’s people. We care because the earth is his.

Creation Care is a Movement within our church of Christians who will keep the priority of Creation Care in front of those who call SBPC their church home and a Witness to our city that demonstrates the relevance of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the environmental concerns of so many of our neighbors.

The Bible insists that creation is the first “book” of revelation, the initial way we know God’s character. If we love God, we will love what He loves. When creation is damaged, the creation’s ability to teach us about God is compromised.

We also care because the health of the earth directly affects the wellbeing of all who inhabit the earth. More and more experts tell us that what we wealthiest humans do, how we use resources, changes weather patterns around the globe, placing many of the poorest humans at great risk. We care because the love of Christ compels us to serve and protect those who are most vulnerable.

The Creation Care team exists to educate, motivate, and empower Christians to live abundantly while responsibly managing God’s creation, promoting the wellbeing of all people and honoring God and to be engaging witnesses to the world showing the relevance of the gospel by partnering with our neighbors to care for God’s creation.

If you would like to participate in our plans email Sheila Rodriques at or visit our Facebook page.


Our mission: To demonstrate God’s love by alleviating suffering in America and around the world.

Our Purpose: to provide a box of food items or supplies to encourage needy families who have survived natural or personal disaster.

Why: to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of families, seniors and young people in our community. Those receiving these boxes realize they were prepared and given by others who care.

Who do we help: For people in need; we provide words of encouragement and some type of Christian literature to: shut-ins, unemployed, homeless, disabled, single parent families, people on Indian reservations.


The Foster Youth Ministry serves foster youth and foster families with the focus on north SD County. We currently provide the Fostering Families Christmas Wishes Event where over 100 foster children are given gifts, Community Serve Day move-ins for emancipated foster youth (in coordination with the nonprofit Just in Time For Foster Youth), volunteer aid for the nonprofit Promises2Kids thru their six Camp Connect events per year for foster youth placed in separate homes; as well as support for foster families through the nonprofit Straight From the Heart. For the Camp Connect Events, we help put on the Del Mar Beach Day event in June and we provide much needed volunteers for the summer camp up at Julian in August.


It has been a consistent and long-term calling from God. Decades ago, members of SBPC organized to help Latin American migrants in our community, many living in the canyons. A Spanish fellowship grew so much that we brought a Hispanic pastor on to our staff. Our Hispanic fellowship numbers around 80 adults and 40 children, and they are actively involved in many SBPC mission endeavors.

Every month the fellowship and volunteers offer sack breakfasts and lunches to the day workers waiting for work on street corners. Last year we served over 3000 meals to these day workers. Several of these recipients have since become active in our fellowship.

Locally we reach out to struggling Latino families by helping with school clothes and shoes. Gradually, the Holy Spirit led us into tutoring programs for Hispanic kids, a center to help with immigration and citizenship matters. Our Hispanic ministry adds much flavor and vitality to our whole church.


Currently there are 8,800 homeless individuals and families in San Diego, many of whom are veterans. Public initiatives are tackling the challenge of finding employment, providing social support and developing affordable housing. We have our part to play in this important outreach to veterans. The church has the opportunity to provide move-in kits (including furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, cleaning and personal care items) and to visit newly-housed veterans to establish a friendly helping hand of support to encourage a successful transition to their new home and community.

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, in conjunction with other local churches and Interfaith Community Services, has begun an initiative to provide these welcome kits and friendship connections to as many veterans as possible. Please help warm up the new home of a veteran. Newly-housed veterans will receive a Welcome Basket and a Move-In Kit from a friendly visitor as a welcome to their new home and community.


Every year, U. S. colleges draw over 700,000 international students; almost 10,000 in San Diego! Many come here eager to learn about American culture, but few are ever invited inside an American home. Most of them have never heard about Jesus Christ in a meaningful way. What a ripe opportunity for extending love! What an enriching experience it could be for both Americans and Internationals!

What a blessing it would be for your family to make friends with a bright, young UCSD student who is brand new to our country. Imagine the eternal impact we could have on International Students and on their home countries as we sensitively share our faith with these future leaders. In the past six years, church families have hosted 202 Students from 39 countries!

Here’s How It Works
An ISO (International Student Outreach) host will be available to host an international student for a two to three day home stay when he/she first arrives. This personal introduction to America means the world to these newcomers! If possible, the host will pick the student up at the airport and then after the home stay will take him/her to campus housing.

An ISO host will make periodic contacts with the student, including him/her in family activities as it is natural for the family and the student. Examples-invite student to Thanksgiving dinner, to church, and/or church concerts, and to SBPC’s College Ministry activities.


Looking to the future, SBPC invests in one of the largest university ministries in the country. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship’s mission is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture and God’s purposes in the world. IVCF is active on almost 700 campuses in the USA. We at SBPC support IVCF workers on both coasts: Ramiro & Wendy Marchena in San Diego and Chris Nichols in New England. Read more about them below.

Ramiro & Wendi Marchena  (Cal State San Marcos-Mira Costa-Palomar)
Our mission field is the 50,000 college students in North County San Diego spread out among three campuses: Cal State San Marcos, Mira Costa College and Palomar Community College. In the next three years, we are seeking to plant over 100 small groups among the three campuses. Each small group reaches a different pocket of campus.

Student leaders are mobilized to plant new small groups where none exist and to call their peers into a relationship with Jesus. Over the last four years, we have seen over 500 students make a decision to follow Jesus.


North County Immigration & Citizenship Center was formed by members of SBPC to serve immigrant families in our community, aiding those who are navigating the path to legal status and citizenship. We aim to manifest God’s love for the “strangers in our land” by helping individuals understand the law and their options under the law.

We endeavor:

  • to assist and educate immigrants
  • to protect them from fraud and bad legal advice
  • to demonstrate God’s glory and the all-accepting love of Jesus Christ through our service.

The NCICC provides seminars on immigration issues, and one-on-one counseling and English classes in preparing for the citizenship exam. Our goal is to develop professional staff and immigration services offered in a Christ-centered environment at reduced fees or on a pro bono basis.


Our guiding scripture is, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me”. (Matthew 25:40)

Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM) is a ministry that works with our clients in a dignified way to show Christ’s love in action through our prayers, love, and devotion to the homeless and urban poor.

PUM Services
San Diego recently ranked third in the nation for the size of its homeless population — just over 10,000 county-wide — outranked only by New York and Los Angeles according to a report just issued by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Over the past three years, we at PUM have seen a steady increase in the number of people seeking assistance due in part to:

  • The increase in unemployment
  • The state’s slashed budget and diminished funding for social services
  • The early release from prison program
  • The increase in the number of returning vets
  • The chart to the right reflects our growth in services to meet the needs.


At Reality Changers, college changes everything for low-income youth seeking to become first generation college students. Students who raise their GPAs to 3.5 or higher are awarded scholarships for a weekend at Forest Home (a Christian camp near San Bernardino) and a three-week residential program at UCSD where they can earn college credit.

They will be the first in their families to attend college, and YOU can help it happen. Reality Changers at SBPC includes over 20 Hispanic teens who are aiming high. They assemble here every Wed night to learn study and life skills that spell academic, personal and spiritual success.

We began in 2001 with just $300 and now, thanks to your help, Reality Changers is San Diego’s leading tutoring program for scholarships.


San Diego Rescue Mission exists to spread the good news of salvation through Christ by serving the needs of the poor, addicted, abused, and homeless, thus improving the quality of their lives.

We believe in the inherent worth of every homeless man, woman, and child, and provide rehabilitation and discipleship programs that lead to permanent change and independent living.

Brief History
San Diego Rescue Mission offers a wide range of onsite programs and services. It is the only major homeless shelter in San Diego that does not receive government funding for its programs. It exists entirely on donations and profits from several thrift stores that they own and operate in the San Diego area. Today there are close to 400 residents enrolled in the long-term, 1 year program. The programs are gender specific helping them attain sobriety with counseling and learning life skills. On any given day there are 70-80 mothers and children safely sheltered with us.


The St. James and St. Leo Medical and Dental Program provide comprehensive medical and dental services to the working poor who have no health insurance and (except for emergencies) no way to obtain such services. All patients, especially children, are accepted regardless of race, color, creed, or origin. All patients with insurance, especially MediCal, are referred to doctors who will accept them. There is therefore no competition with medical and dental professionals or hospitals but rather a relief of caring for the working poor.

How You Can Help
Volunteers of all medical and dental areas are needed.
Donations are thankfully received!


They are open limited hours, call in advance.
936 Genevieve St., Solana Beach, CA, 92075

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