Prayer of Recollection

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The following prayer is to be incorporated into your focused prayer time before entering into your daily exercise. It helps to ground you in whose and who you are in Christ – an identity that is true and sure no matter what. This is an important part of your daily experience as you Journey with Jesus and in developing the inner freedom to more fully live into and out of the you God has created you to be.

Prayer of Recollection Definition
The prayer of recollection is a prayer that helps us to separate from our own strength and cling to God – to ultimately find our identity ‘in Christ.’ This prayer opens up our very being to God and prepares us to live more fully into and out of the reality that; God lives within us, that we live, move and have our being in God and that we are in Christ – which has transformed us into a new creation, a-one-of-kind-masterpiece of God.

This prayer is divided into three parts. The first part of the prayer helps us to name and own our limitations as a finite person while also affirming that this is not the end of the story. In part two we recall to our mind, heart and soul who we are in Christ – the truth of who we are.

Finally in step three we sit in the truth of God’s love and who we are in Christ. The three steps of Prayer and Recollection



Affirm and Embrace my limitations as a finite person – apart from Christ I can do nothing and God grace is manifested in my weakness. (2 Cor 12:9, John 15:5)



Affirm, Embrace and Celebrate your soul’s TRUE identity as one forgiven, adopted, chosen by God, belonging to God, containing God, and the beloved of God (all of which does not change) – you may need to add to this step the prayer from that gospel Jesus heard and answered, “I believe help me in my unbelief.”

Justified – Romans 5 (come into God’s presence with boldness and confidence)
Sanctified– Romans 6 (speaks of capacity to choose to live for God)
Forgiven – Psalm 103:12-13
Adopted – Romans 8:15-17a, Ephesians 1:5,
Chosen by God – Ephesians 1:4, John 15:16-17, Colossians 3:12 Belonging to God – Romans 14:7-8, 1 Peter 2:9
Containing God – 1 Corinthians 3:16, Galatians 2:20
Beloved of God – Colossians 3:12, Romans 8:38-39, Ephesians 3:17-19



Be still and soak in the truths that God loves you, is with you, is within you and you are God’s new creation, a-one-of-kind-masterpiece of God created anew and afresh in Christ.

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