Pray for Mission Team to El Salvador

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  • Jun 29: Fly to San Salvador. Pray for safe travel.
  • Jun 30: Worship together at Jehovah Shama Church. Have lunch and
    team building activities with Pastor Solano and church and
    center staff. Pray that our team would build relationships with the
    staff of the CDC and the church.
  • Jul 1: Lead Vacation Bible School with children at the CDC. Pray that
    we have meaningful time with the children and have energy for
    both sessions!
  • Jul 2: Work service project and lead teacher training at the CDC. Pray
    for members of our team leading the training for the CDC
    teachers that it would be a fruitful session.
  • Jul 3: Home visits with sponsored children and their families. Pray that
    we will grow in relationship with the families in the community.
  • Jul 4: Day spent with sponsor child and family. Pray that the
    relationship between each sponsor and their sponsor child
    would grow and both would be encouraged and blessed by
    each other.
  • Jul 5: Depart from San Salvador to San Diego. Pray for smooth travel,
    health and rest.

To receive prayer updates during our trip posted by Ezra Park and Ava Mazzilli.

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