The REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey is a proven way to benchmark and track spiritual growth in a church congregation. It will help us move beyond measures like attendance and financial giving to determine if our church is really making a difference in helping people become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

This anonymous, congregation-wide, survey is open to all (18+) who call Solana Beach Presbyterian their church home.

Allow about 20 minutes to complete.

Technical Difficulties with the Survey?
If you’re having issues with the survey working for you, please use the form linked below to submit a request for assistance.


What is the REVEAL Survey?
The REVEAL for Church: Spiritual Life Survey will provide  insight into the current spiritual health of our church.

Why are we doing this and what is it’s purpose?
Your spiritual growth is of vital importance to our church and we want to do everything we can to help you on your spiritual journey.

Who should take REVEAL?
Everyone over 18 who calls SBPC their church.

Why do you need MY involvement?
YOUR input creates a more robust sample  of our church as a whole, whether you are just starting to explore the Christian faith, or you are a long-time Christ follower.

What will the results show?
REVEAL will give us accurate data about the current state of SBPC’s spiritual health.

What are we going to do with the results?
We believe this process  will expand and deepen our understanding of how best to guide our congregation toward greater spiritual vitality.

How long will the REVEAL survey take?
It will take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

What will I need to take the REVEAL survey?
It is best accessed on your computer.  If you use your mobile device, you will need to download the app.  You will need to set up an account using your email address. Your email address will NOT be distributed to another party or shared.

Can I see my results?
No. The REVEAL survey is completely anonymous. The results are only given as a whole and not individually.

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