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Friends and Family,

I am sorry to also be flooding your inbox with emails about closures but as you may already know, WORSHIP SERVICES, ONE YOUTH and ALL PROGRAMS at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church have been postponed through the end of March and possibly longer.

With kids and students at home, and routines changed I want to give you all some ideas for how to help your student during this season.

  • Go To Church online: We will be streaming services at 8:30 am and 10:30 am every Sunday. Sit down and watch together. Church at home in your PJs with a bowl of cereal can actually be fun.
  • Get Digital with One Youth: We will be posting more on the One Youth Instagram (@one.youth) including posts from the services on Sunday Morning. We will also be using our One Amazing Life Podcast platform more often for your students to hear some familiar voices on their devices at home.
  • Fear Not! Isaiah 43 tells us not to be afraid because God is in control and we belong to Him! My wonderful wife uses a breath prayer whenever stress and anxiety grow. Take a deep breath and in your head think “Abba Father” then exhale with the words “I belong to you”. This prayer reminds us who is in control and calms our breathing. Give it a try!
  • Phones can be a challenge when your kids are stuck to them but we will be reaching out to the students to check in during this season as will their friends. Without group meetings this is their only way to stay engaged with us so please know that some of our leaders will be checking in with your students.

Please don’t hesitate to have your students reach out to me, Patrick, or any of our Student Ministry volunteer leaders.

◦ Student not have a phone? They can still reach us by email!
• Slow down! We have been given an unprecedented opportunity to slow down together. Listen to each other. Breath deeply. Talk about disappointments. Talk about fears. Pray for each other. Sometimes the slower our pace the easier it becomes to see those around us and know that we are not alone and we were never alone.

Our youth ministry and church staff are still working during this season, so feel free to contact us anytime with thoughts, ideas, concerns, or even just to share a story of God’s goodness in the face of adversity.

Jamie Nelson
Contact Jamie Nelson
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Contact Patrick Mattioli
Call or Text: (760)212-4743

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