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On Sunday, Oct 21, the Chancel Choir and Worship team served at the Ladle Fellowship at First Presbyterian in downtown San Diego. The choir and band performed some hymns and our own Judy Enns provided some words of worship and encouragement to the almost 200 members of the San Diego homeless community who attended. In addition to music, choir members handed out gifts of donated clothes and served lunch to our “guests.” Medical professionals were there providing advice and care to any who needed it.

Blessings were abundant. Seeing the joy on their faces while we were singing was an anticipated blessing, after all, we get to experience the joy on YOUR faces every Sunday. But the real gift came from the interactions with the guests while we were serving lunch. I was helping hand out salads and desserts. The recipients were able to choose their favorite piece of cake or pie or plate of cookies from a variety of choices. Some were humble, stating they would be happy with whatever we gave them. Others came with firm requests and minds made up regarding their favorite choice. The best were the ones who haltingly asked “do you have ……..” and then beamed with joy when we were able to find a piece for them hidden on a lower shelf. The Ladle Fellowship serves lunch to the homeless community every Sunday, and I’m sure SPBC will be back again to witness God on the Move right in our backyard.

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June 13, 2019

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