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Dear SBPC family and friends,

Hopefully by now you have seen Mike’s all church video and read his email regarding SBPC’s response to the Coronavirus situation. Please read it over several times as this is the language and heart behind our decision making as a church. I would like to emphasize:

  • This is an act of love and compassion, not fear.
  • This is an evolving situation and directives may change. We are monitoring the situation diligently and will continue to adjust the plan and keep you all updated as needed.
  • We have made the difficult decision that there will be no “in person” programming through the end of the month. This means things like Sunday worship, KIDSunday, Fuel, One Youth, MOPS, Small Groups, Senior Center, Casa, etc are suspended through the end of March and will be reassessed at that time.

If you would like to get involved by volunteering or are seeking community during this difficult time, please contact Karen LaHaise at karen@solanpres.org, or Cindy Wright at cindy@solanapres.org.

Below are announcements from various SBPC ministries:

El Salvador Missions Trip

After much prayer and consideration regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, our July 2020 trip has been cancelled. If you have questions, would like to donate, or get involved, please contact Andre Rocha, andre@solanapres.org  

Border Ministries

“For the March outreach, some of our awesome volunteers were able to drive the food and supplies into Mexico, so the people did not go hungry. We may try to do the same for April 11th and May 9th. As far as volunteers participating, we are on a “wait and see” basis. April may be too soon, but May may be an option.  We will just have to see how our country progresses, and the timeliness of God’s hand on things” – George Arapage, georgearapage@gmail.com 

Casa de Amistad

Casa de Amistad has suspended onsite tutoring until April 13, 2020. Staff at Casa de Amistad are busy connecting students, families, and volunteers with resources. To learn more about how you can help financially or by “adopting” a family in need, please contact Nicole Mione-Green at director@casadeamistad.org.


Although in-person tutoring and educational services are temporarily suspended, we are conducting virtual tutoring sessions for citizenship candidates with interview dates.  Legal services are operational, and immigrants interested in beginning their pathway to citizenship are urged to contact NCICC at 858-509-2589 to get started remotely. Our current office hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1-5pm and Saturday from 8am-1pm. Visit  www.northcountycitizenship.org for more information.

Come Build Hope

We would like to see how things develop in the next two weeks, and the leadership team will come up with a decision on April 1st. 

San Diego Rescue Mission Updates

  • We are no longer allowing volunteers or guests to enter the building and requiring our students to stay in the building until further notice.
  • To follow social distancing rules, we implemented smaller cluster Bible studies, intentional prayer times, devotional tools, “virtual” discipleship, Christian movies and documentaries, walks outside, and more.  This is boosting spirits and generating lots of healthy love and laughter throughout the building.
  • The Easter Neighborhood Picnic scheduled for Easter Sunday is postponed. We are thankful to all of our gracious sponsors. God willing, we’ll bring the event back as a late-summer picnic for our downtown neighbors.

Ways to Volunteer and Help Out:

  1. Make a donation. Our friends at Thrivent are matching $1 for every $2 donated to the Mission right now!  To make a donation online today go here.  https://service.thrivent.com/apps/ThriventChoiceMemberWeb/public/organizationSearchHome Search for “San Diego Rescue Mission”, then click “Make a Personal Donation.”  Thrivent covers all fees and 100% of your donation goes to the Mission. 
  2. Donate urgently needed cleaning supplies and preventive products. If you have any of these items or can purchase them, please consider donating to the Missions: Drops offs are at 120 Elm Street. 
  • Hand soap
  • Hand Sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol)
  • Tissues
  • Disposable face masks (for protection when disinfecting and for students with illness symptoms)
  • Disposable gowns
  • Thermometers
  • Disposable gloves

3. Food donations, see full list here https://mcusercontent.com/99b3051fd7861ef7a6b62c743/files/a63a1a4d-e0bb-4f4b-956e-0bb96eed7483/Food_Drive_2020.pdf

4. Consider buying or making greeting cards with personal messages and Bible verses to keep them encouraged and hopeful. 

Questions? Contact Michelle Le Beau at mlebeau@sdrescue.org 

Frontiers USA

Every year we pray for the Muslim world during Ramadan. The daily story and prayer guide for Muslims globally is now available online. Given current COVID-19 related restrictions we will not be ordering the guide in booklet form.  We encourage you to sign up for the on-line guide which will provide a daily email story and prayer prompt from April 23-May 23.  

For more information and to sign up, go to https://frontiersusa.org/that-all-may-know


SBPC Missions and Outreach Department

Andre Rocha

Director of Missions and Outreach


Joyce Lee

Admin Assistant to Missions and Outreach


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