Ministry Highlight–Mature Adults Quarantine Care Bags

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The Senior Center did another quarantine care bag delivery on Nov. 7th. We made love bags for over 215 of our beloved senior center members, in addition, included our SBPC mature adults 80-102 years old.
Cindy Wright, Elizabeth Arthur, Lara Pauley, Kevin Flores the Baker, and Katie Flores the Artist lovingly produced bags of fun, inspiration, thought-provoking messages and prayer, and yummy eats and treats. The theme was “Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed!”

This was a huge undertaking in itself, but we could not have completed the task without the numerous SBPC hearts that stepped-up to deliver the care bags.

We’d like to acknowledge and give a big shout out of “THANKS” to the 47 delivering teams who graciously came alongside us to share God’s love with our community. Intergenerational ministry at it’s best….God’s children of all ages, serving and being served!

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