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“….there is nothing too difficult for you…..Jer.32:17”

As the Covid-19, made its way into our country, Hungary, as well our life and ministry changed drastically since the middle of March. We did not stop serving, we just had to change our ways of serving. New challenges require new solutions. Like most of the schools, Word of Life Hungary’s Bible Institute had to switch from classroom teaching to online teaching. March 16th, we had to send our Bible Institute’s students home, which was quite a challenge having 59 students from 15 countries. They had three days to leave. Airlines started canceling flights and countries started closing their borders. It was a blessing to hear back from all who were able to leave, that they arrived home and are safely with their families. Five of them, who could not leave, are still with us in Hungary. When the announcement was made that all students needed to leave our campus, one of our young ladies, Vlasti, from Czech Republic did not know where to go. The Lord arranged a place for her to stay. She has been a part of our Family Group who we had in our home every other Thursday for dinner and a time of fellowship while they were all on campus.

Our Family Group
As we continue not only classes online, but our discipleship program as well, we stay in touch with Vlasti. Three weeks ago, she sent a request that we should start praying for her to find a job. Finding a job in these days, when companies keep laying people off, is not a small challenge. Bela and I started praying for a job for her every day. In our prayers for her, one of the Bible verses that we quoted was “…there is nothing too difficult for you, God ….”

After three weeks, April 17, Vlasti sent us a message that she got a part time job. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Lord that He answered prayers for her. It is also such a wonderful affirmation from the Lord to a young follower of Christ like she is. We give glory to the Lord for His work in her life.

Let’s join in prayer that the Lord may bring a great awakening around the world as a result of this unusual time.

In Christ,
Bela & Ildiko Dobos
Word of Life Hungary

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