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June 27, 2019

Dear Church Family,

It’s been a great week at KidsGames. Hundreds of kids and student and adult volunteers had fun learning about Jesus, giving to others, and building relationships with each other. Thank you for your prayer and financial support to make this week happen!

This Sunday afternoon (after the Party on the Patio), Amy and I are heading off for a few weeks of vacation—back to Michigan with family and just the two of us hiking in the Sierras. I’m also getting away for study leave to walk nine days of the Camino de Santiago in Spain by myself. The last few months have renewed my own enthusiasm and commitment to solitude, scripture and prayer, and I’m excited to have this adventure to deepen my experience with God.

The last few months have been a wonderful time of deepening for all of us—we are changing the way we express our love to God through personal spiritual practices. We have learned that reading scripture, prayer and solitude are essential for spiritual growth in all stages of faith development.

In addition, we’ve learned that what we do together is essential to spiritual vitality. Worshipping together, meeting in small groups, and serving the church and the community together leads to spiritual growth. So, I encourage you to make worship a priority for you and your family this summer. And as we get ready for the fall, consider being in a small group or leading a new small group to include others. Pray about where God might be calling you to serve in the Fall.

In the next few weeks, Juan Daniel Espitia, Justus Heyman and Paula Taylor will be preaching on the Psalms. I look forward to being back together soon!

In Christ,


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