Letter for Paula Taylor

Send Paula Taylor a note of blessing and gratitude

Dear Church Family,

We will be celebrating Paula Taylor’s retirement after both worship services (on campus) June 27, 2021. I want to share my own gratitude for Paula’s ministry and some details of how you can contribute to the celebration.

Most of all, I’m grateful for Paula’s heart for all of us to grow closer to Jesus. Paula’s own journey here at SBPC is an example to all of us of discovering our true identity and unique calling in Christ. More than four decades ago, Bill and Paula became members of SBPC, they raised their two daughters and began lifelong friendships in this church. Paula came on staff 23 years ago as Director of Adult Discipleship, completed her master’s degree, and became a Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE) to serve as Pastor of Adult Discipleship. Paula has given us a greater experience and understanding of our lives in Christ: finding our place of ministry through the SHAPE assessment, sermon-based small groups, and developing a real time connection with Jesus alone and together with others. 

Paula has been a great partner in ministry for almost two decades. I have learned so much about my own transformation and journey with Jesus, and am grateful for her invaluable gift of discernment that has helped us lead change and pastor our congregation through many seasons. Bill has contributed his own gifts, not only as a supportive partner to Paula, but also in teaching, leading men’s small groups, and serving on Session. They have both served our congregation with energy, imagination and love and together have had an eternal impact in our lives and the culture of our church. 

When pastors retire from ministry in the church, we create a time of separation to allow them to unplug and get settled in their new season without the expectations of leadership. Bill and Paula will remain members of our church and will re-engage in new ways as God leads them. 

Now, here’s how you can help celebrate Paula’s ministry. We are compiling a book of notes to express our gratitude and blessing for Paula as she begins this new season of her life. Please take some time to share what Paula’s leadership has meant to you by sending a note via the form above or mailing to the church office. And, join us Sunday, June 27 as we celebrate and pray for Paula in our worship services. 

In Christ,

Mike McClenahan