Ladle Fellowship Experience

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For Community Serve Day, I went with my youth group to the Ladle Fellowship at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown San Diego. Ladle provides San Diego’s homeless and those below the poverty line with food and clothing. We served lunch to several hundred guests. I was assigned the job of selecting and bagging up clothing and toiletries.

I was glad to go to Ladle because of the new things I experienced. I wondered what it would be like to be one of the guests. They had to go through the hepatitis and flu outbreaks without being able to afford a doctor. They had to overcome unusually cold weather without decent winter clothes. Some had nothing at all.

San Diego is the 5th wealthiest city in America, but has the 3rd highest percentage of homeless. About 14% of San Diegans live below the poverty line. But we are all children of God. We need to help and respect each other, regardless of whether we have a home or enough money. At Ladle, we helped guests going through difficult times by providing food, clothing, and the message that we are all loved by God.

By Jessica S.
8th Grade

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