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Mission: Build God’s Kingdom by making financial grants to Christ-centered ministries from legacy gifts of members and friends of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.

About: The Kingdom Builder Foundation (KBF) was created in 2007 to provide members and friends of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church the opportunity to leave legacy gifts to a member-managed foundation, and has over $15,000,000 in donor pledges in wills and trusts from members and friends of the church.
Twice a year, during Spring and Fall, KBF accepts applications and awards grants to diverse faith-based organizations. Since its founding, KBF has awarded over $800,000 in grants to expand God’s kingdom, and most of it has gone directly to SBPC missions.

Action! Reach out to your favorite Christ-centered charity and recommend they submit a grant application. More info at
Congratulations to all grantees!


2019 Fall Grantees:

Communitas International, Justus Heyman—Youth Leaders

PEFA Matumaini Rehab Centre, Wheelchair Ramps for Disabled Children in Kenya

San Diego Rescue Mission, Chapel Improvements

Village Outreach, Pakistan Children’s Health Program in 3 Villages


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