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For the past several years Solana Beach Presbyterian Church has had the distinct pleasure of being supported by a group of church members who demonstrate God’s love through their busy hands.

This dynamic group is fondly known as Ginny’s Ministry and they have provided badly needed kitchen sets, quilts, and curtains for our mission partners all over the world. Victims of natural disasters, homeless immigrants, Come Build Hope and other relief organizations have benefited from their countless hours absorbed with their sewing machines, ironing boards and design easels.

Their most recent project was for our Compassion partnership in El Salvador. Thanks to Ginny’s Sewing Ministry we were able to walk through the dusty streets of Joya de Cerens spreading their love to many. The Ministry heard of our need long before we traveled to the Iglesias Jehovah Shamma and Child Development Center. We delivered 12 large gift bags overflowing with handmade works of art. The quilts were lovingly given to the sponsored families with babies, the beauty of which was so astounding that many recipients shed grateful tears.

Please pray for these amazing members and thank God for their busy hearts and hands.

Care to join Ginny’s Sewing Ministry or even donate fabrics, threads or yarn?

Contact: Camille Clemens

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