Fundraiser at Rudy’s

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Solana Beach Community Members are fundraising to support Casa de Amistad’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Rudy’s Taco Shop (524 Stevens Ave., Solana Beach) is donating 25% of profits in April to our Emergency Relief Effort. This was really a really nice surprise and it was inspiring to see the community come together to support those in need. We have set up an online donation page on our website as well at

Our goal is to raise money for emergency relief for Casa de Amistad families and all of our currently enrolled college students. All of the first generation college students have either lost their work-study and part-time jobs or have had their hours significantly reduced. The Casa families are also in need as many were not prepared for this crisis, do not have a safety net, and have also lost their jobs or have had their hours significantly reduced. We are looking to support 190 families and students through this initiative. Families complete an online application.

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