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Thank you for your prayers, they are felt here and God is at work! Yesterday our team visited a primary school that we helped build 10 years ago. There are also 30 girls that are a part of the Keep a Girl in School program. We got to meet with these girls and hear their dreams for the future. Many aspire to be doctors or engineers one day.

Later that day, JD returned to train 30 teachers. The topics of his training were human communication and substance abuse. At this time the rest of the team had a brief visit at a prison. We were unable to stay long, but we gave them two new soccer balls, which made both the prisoners and the guards very excited.

Later, we visited some self-help groups for women. The women told us about how they are being empowered by this program. Not only are they able to save money to improve their lives, but the group acts as a support system in times of crisis. These women inspired us with their dreams and strong sense of community.

Please pray:
– for the girls in school and that they could be encouraged in their education
– for the women to be bold in how they are reshaping their communities through their empowerment
– for church goers in this community to be be salt and light


  1. JEANNE SHUPALA : October 12, 2018 at 8:10 pm

    I want to attend the meetings ,, on return of our TEAM , NOW IN AFRICA,, don’t forget me,, I donate my money to mission.. thanks jeanne shupala

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