Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue?

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Are you experiencing pandemic fatigue—that feeling of being mentally and emotionally exhausted by everything that’s going on right now? We’re all facing different kinds of life challenges during this time—

• Isolation and loneliness;
• Anxiety over health;
• Grief;
• Juggling work, childcare, and
schooling responsibilities;
• Financial strain or job loss;
• Uncertainty about the future . . .

The list goes on. It’s no wonder we may be hit by pandemic fatigue. You don’t have to go through it alone. If you or someone you care about is experiencing difficulties like these, our Stephen Ministers are ready to listen, care, encourage, and be there to offer support.

A Stephen Minister will meet with you privately—by phone, by video chat, or possibly in person when it’s safe to do so—to focus on you and your needs. It’s free and completely confidential, and it offers real care, comfort, and hope. Please contact Penny Cox by email or call her at 619-253-4225 if you would like to get connected with a Stephen Minister. To learn more, please contact Karen LaHaise.

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