Experiencing God’s Kingdom Through a Child

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In January of 2018, I was blessed by going to El Salvador and meeting our very young sponsored child, named Darlin. She was four years old at the time. We had enjoyed quite a bit of letter writing back and forth so we were not strangers at all. It was love at first sight. She and her beautiful young mother were so vulnerable looking. That first meeting changed my life forever.

Through the translator I learned why she had such sad eyes. She said her father was “not very nice” and had left the family. She said she missed him but was afraid of him. I can’t put into words what an impact Compassion International and Solana Beach Presbyterian has had on her young life. She hugged me so tightly and we were inseparable. She was especially proud of her well worn hand me down cowboy boots that were two sizes too big.

My devotion to this ministry is unlike anything I have ever experienced. We are now committed to this delicate little one. It has been a family project. Even our extended family and friends ask about Darlin and pray for her. For all of us this has been the true meaning of experiencing the Kingdom of God.

Written by Shar Pauley

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