Preteen Tuesday AM Online Connect Crew

Introducing Preteen Connect Crews!

Starting in October, kids in 3rd-6th grade may participate in a weekly small group. Fall small groups, which we are calling “Connect Crews,” will run for 7 consecutive weeks from 10/6-11/18. Registration is required. When you register, you will be choosing and committing to one of the following:

Tues AM Connect Crew– These online small groups will be meeting via Zoom on Tuesday mornings before school from 6:45-7:30. Breakfast and pajamas are welcome! See attached for details.

Wed PM Connect Crew– These in-person small groups will meet outside on campus in the ministry center parking lot on Wednesday nights from 6:15-7:30. This is a physically distanced experience. Masks are required and safety protocols must be agreed upon and practiced in full in order to participate.

For families who are used to our Fuel Preteen Youth Group model, please note that while Connect Crews come from the same heart (and many of the same leaders!) as Fuel, the experience will be very different. At Fuel we could all invite friends to join us at any time, no registration required. But because of the need for registration and commitment to safety procedures, we can only open up the groups at designated time points, as space will allow. We will also be extra creative with our games to maintain safe distance for all involved. But we will have fun!


Nov 03 2020

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