KidsGames 2020 (June 22-26)



AND, this year we are so excited to share with you a modified schedule for KidsGames Monday!

INTRODUCING the KidsGames famBAM!

What is the famBAM you ask?

On MONDAY, Day 1 of KidsGames, we are inviting the WHOLE FAMILY to come to KidsGames. We are calling this fun-filled, family oriented event famBAM – Family, Bible And Me. In order to make Day 1 accessible to as many families as possible, we are shifting the hours of Day 1 from the morning to the evening.

So what does the week look like?
Monday: No morning program. Instead we are adding the new famBAM in the evening from 5:30pm -7:30pm.
Tuesday-Friday: KidsGames mornings – 9:00am – 12:30pm

Why are we having a famBAM?
It’s our hope that the Monday night famBAM will enrich the family experience of KidsGames and equip families to encounter Jesus in new ways all week long. Families will get a taste of what kids will be experiencing throughout the week and parents/guardians will receive tools to help facilitate home conversations and build on what was experienced together on Monday night. And the Sunday following KidsGames, everyone is invited to come celebrate what God has done all week long at our annual Party on the Patio after worship services. These two events will bookend our time together and help us in continuing the community and learning of KidsGames into the rest of the summer and beyond.

Kids and Activities

PreKindergarten/Kindergarten – (4 years old by Sept. 1)

Opening assembly introducing the theme of the day, Bible; Think! Move! Change! (TMC), compassion project, crafts, and outdoor play.

1st grade–6th grade

Opening assembly introducing the theme of the day + 3 rotations: Bible/Compassion; Think! Move! Change! (TMC); and activity of choice


1st-3rd (grade entering in the Fall)

  • Basketball – co-ed, skills building and scrimmaging
  • Cooking – kitchen skills and hands on creations with a variety of food
  • Urban Gardening – Seeds to succulents and creating arrangements
  • Lego Build – Imaginative, creative Lego time
  • Field Games – Creative fun games played on grass
  • Blacktop Games – Fun games on blacktop, ex. 4-Square, Jump Rope, Big Wheel races

4th-6th (grade entering in the Fall) Note: all activities take place at Santa Fe Christian Schools. Kids will walk with their groups under supervision to and from the SFC campus each day.

  • Artist Studio – Studio art that your child will bring home
  • Urban Gardening – Seeds to succulents, creating arrangements
  • Slot Cars – Indy Car racing in a week-long competition
  • Field Games – Every day a different game! Ex. soccer, flag football
  • Under Water Robotics – Explore science while building and operating a ROV underwater
  • Personal Art – Face painting, henna, and hair creations

To help us keep KidsGames registration fees affordable, please consider donating to KidsGames this year. Select “KidsGames Donation/Sponsor a Child” from the drop down.


Jun 22 2020




  1. Cerissa Castriotta : March 5, 2019 at 10:06 am

    how do you register?

  2. Tom Sundeen : June 14, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    II have tried to sign up 3 times to volunteer for kids games, and have been sent several “codes”, but EVERY TIME I attempt to complete, I have been informed my “code” is NOT RECOGNIZED. I have served this before with Frosty, so can/will someone help me? Thx. GOD BLESS US ALL! Tom

    • Hi Tom, I will pass you message on to the person in charge of KidsGames volunteer registration and have them contact you. Thank you so much for letting us know.

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