Come Build Hope

Every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything.
Hebrews 3:4

We are keeping an eye on how things develop in the next two weeks with the Coronavirus outbreak. The leadership team will come up with a decision on April 1st.  Sincerely, SBPC Missions and Outreach Department

Come Build Hope is our annual Memorial Day home building trip to Baja, Mexico.

Come Build Hope 2019 is in the books:

  • Two days
  • 10 casas built
  • 180+ volunteeers
  • Many new  friendships made
  • Many families blessed!

Who We Serve

Statement from Amor Ministries concerning COVID-19

Partnered with Amor Ministries (, we travel to rural Baja Mexico, near Rosarito.

Amor Ministries has been successfully building homes in communities in Mexico for the past 35 years. Working with the local pastors, Amor then links us to the families. Building casas for these families helps to bring stability, security and safety to their lives.

Looking Back at 2019

CBH 2019 Photo Gallery

Photos from past Come Build Hope trips

Highlight video from 2018

Vision Statement

Build Hope! Build People! Build Casas!

CBH Mission & Vision Statement

The Plan

  • Get hot, cold, dirty, thirsty and tired.
  • Make a difference!
  • Join over 300 people, on teams, building about 20 casas with families in Baja.
  • No experience necessary. If you are willing, you’re qualified
  • Come ready to work.
  • Transportation is provided in nice buses.
  • Tents are set up and provided for you.
  • Meals and snacks are provided (and you’ll like them!)


Why are we going on a mission trip?
  • To build hope.
  • To build people.
  • To serve.
  • To impact.


What are we going to do on our mission trip?
  • Build 15-20 casas with and for families in Baja, Mexico, working along side the families, and over 250 participants (most from SBPC), other churches, and San Diego organizations.


When are we going on the mission trip?
  • Memorial Day Weekend, Friday-Sunday, 2020
  • IMPORTANT:  This year we leave Friday evening and return on Sunday evening.


How are we going to make the trip?
  • Buses from SBPC to Baja, Mexico.
  • Camping near the ocean (the rooster will be back).
  • Building casas and serving families on a hillside.


Who is going on this trip?
  • Over 250 SBPC participants, including family members, Boy Scouts, other churches in the USA & Mexico, Team Colorado and other friends that decide to participate on the Come Build Hope mission trip.


How much will it cost?
  • The mission trip will cost $495 per person.
  • You can pay in installments, if you like. 

No Tools? No Experience? No Problem!

What if I don’t know how to build a house or even own a hammer?
  • No problem! We will teach you. We will provide you with tools.


What can I expect?
  • To be hot, cold, thirsty, tired, dirty, inconvenienced, and out of your comfort zone.
  • To have a meaningful mission trip experience.
  • The joy of serving others.
  • Memories that will live forever.
  • To have fun making a big difference in the lives of others.


Are passports required?
  • Yes! Passports will be required by all participants to re-enter the USA.
  • Important note:
    Passports are Required for ALL participates.  All ages, no limit, NO exceptions.

Need More Info?

How can I register? Where can I get more information?
  • If you have any questions, please contact Mark Power


Please consider making a donation to Come Build Hope. Click the button to the right and enter the amount of donation, then select Come Build Hope Donation under Type.

If you would like to sponsor someone to go on this mission trip, please enter their name in the Memo field.

Participant's Information


  • There are NO luggage trucks this year so pack accordingly. Participants will have to carry their own luggage through the border crossing going into Mexico and coming back into the U.S.
  • All participants are required to have a passport.

Building homes in Baja, Mexico is a privilege for members and friends of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. We are going to Mexico to serve. We want to avoid doing anything as a group or as individuals that would compromise, endanger, or jeopardize our mission trip. We want to be clear about our motives, purposes and intentions before we leave for Mexico. We welcome your commitment to the following guidelines and helping us make a big difference in the lives of those we serve.

Your Attitude:

  • Be positive and flexible.
  • Be open to working hard.
  • Be open to making new friends on your team.
  • Be open to learn more about serving others.

Your Actions:

  • Come with servant’s heart.
  • Be safe! Work safe!
  • Have fun! Make a big difference in the lives of others.
  • Abide by the dress codes on the building site and campsite.
  • Quiet Hours are from 10:00 PM until 6:00 AM.
  • No Walkmans, iPods, MP3 Players, CD players or radios.
  • This mission trip is drug and alcohol free.

Passports or Passport Cards are required for entry into Mexico and return to the USA by bus.

For more information about passports, please go to

Entering Mexico

IMPORTANT: Passports or Passport Cards are required of all participants, regardless of age. This includes children!

  • Do not bring fresh fruit, alcohol, guns or fireworks into Mexico.
  • Bring only your personal gear.

Re-entering the USA

Memorial Day Weekend is very busy at the border crossing. We will attempt to expedite the border crossing.

Do not bring the following back into the United States:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Meat and/or dairy products.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Fireworks, knives, or firearms.
  • Illegal drugs or any drugs without prescriptions
  • Pace yourself! It is very easy to overwork, especially on the first day.
  • Trade off doing the various jobs. Take frequent rest breaks.
  • Safety First! Look for dangerous situations. Correct dangerous situations.
  • Be careful when climbing, sawing, pulling, carrying, and lifting.
  • Buddy up! Never go off from your group alone.
  • Gloves! Wear gloves when working with rough wood or metal products.
  • Sun protection! The sun may be hot and intense. Wear sunglasses. Wear a hat.
  • Use plenty of sunscreen.
  • Water! You can’t drink enough water. Drink water at least once an hour. Drink only water supplied by our mission trip team.
  • Lifting! Use your legs, not your back. Ask for help.
  • Heights! Don’t put yourself or those below you at risk. Don’t leave any tools on high places where they might fall on those below.
  • Injuries! Report all injuries to your site supervisor.

Your attitude will make a big difference.

  • Change! Expect significant and frequent changes to plans and schedules.
  • Be flexible. Stay flexible.
  • Humility! We are guests of those we serve.
  • Judgment! You will see situations and behaviors that are different from what you judge to be normal. Don’t rush to judgment. Accept the differences.

Food and beverage service will be as follows:

  • Friday:
    • Snacks and water provided on the bus to Mexico.
    • Dinner at the campsite
  • Saturday and Sunday morning:
    • Breakfast buffet
    • Assemble your own sack lunch.
  • Beverages will be provided for you at the casa build sites.
  • Saturday Evening: Buffet dinner with hot and cold drinks followed by campfire snacks.
  • Bring your own refillable water bottle. Please make sure it is labeled with your name.
  • Bring your own hand wipes or Purell.
  • If you need or like specific drinks or snacks, you should bring them.

CBH Packing List – printable checklist

One camp bag plus a sleeping bag per participant.

Due to remodeling of the San Yisido border crossing, this year participants will carry their luggage with them thro9gh the border, as we will not be able to use the luggage trucks.

Personal Packing List – For the Camp Site:

  • Sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow
  • Air mattress if desired (foam ground pads will be provided)
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, soap, and shampoo)
  • Bathing suit (no bikinis) and cover for showers
  • Warm clothes for evenings
  • Camp shoes
  • Towel and wash cloth
  • Flashlight
  • Jacket and/or hooded sweatshirt
  • Bible, journal, and pen
  • Solar shower (optional) and shower flip flops
  • Rain gear (we build – rain or shine)
  • Camp clothes (shorts OK)
  • Ear plugs

Personal Packing List – Your Day Pack:

  • Passport
  • Camera
  • Handy Wipes or Purell, and hand lotion
  • Work gloves and work shoes
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat/visor
  • A fanny pack or back pack
  • Water bottle (labeled)
  • Work clothes (no dresses, shorts, Capri’s, or tank tops) on the job site
  • Note: Clearly label your personal items and your tools with your name


  • Alcoholic beverages or Illegal drugs
  • Blow dryers or curling irons
  • Camp chairs (they are provided)
  • Walkmans, iPods, Radios
  • Clothes that are revealing or have objectionable logos


May 22 2020 - May 24 2020


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  1. The mission of Kingdom Builder Foundation is to build God’s Kingdom by making financial grants to Christ-centered missions and ministries through the legacy gifts of members and friends of Solana Beach Presbyterian Church.

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