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We feel God calling us to address the poverty that drives many to leave their homes in Latin America. We were led to partner with Compassion International to start a Child Development Center (CDC) in El Salvador through child sponsorships. Children enrolled in the CDC receive after school meals and tutoring, along with medical check-ups and treatment and a consistent witness to Christ.

In early January 2018, a team from SBPC went to El Salvador to visit the Center and the local church. Here is what we found:

Shamma Kids Child Development Center

  • 135 children sponsored
  • 6 staff members (Director, 3 Tutors, Accountant and a Cook) and numerous church volunteers
  • Children visit the center twice a week (Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • The center consists of 3 classrooms, one simple kitchen, and a computer lab that exists within the church.

Did you know that once a child is registered with Compassion they receive all the same benefits of a sponsored child? The only difference between a sponsored child and an unsponsored child are your encouraging letters and prayers. And, what a difference they make!

Three main points we learned from our trip:

IT’S REAL. The center is real and Compassion works!

It is a real church, real kids, real love and they are making a real difference. – Doug Peterson

I was delighted by the unexpected connections with the tutors. They are God’s vessels of faithfulness to the kids. – Meghan Mattioli

I was impressed with the record keeping that is maintained to track the child’s progress in the program. – Christine Peterson


YOU MATTER. Sponsorship matters and sending letters makes a big difference in the lives of the children!

I appreciated learning how important my letters are and how it blesses the entire family. – Diana Ambrose

When children are registered in the Compassion program they immediately have an advocate for them. – Jaime Nelson

God is at work. The church is at work. Compassion is at work. Thousands of children are being benefited and the whole country is being impacted and, hopefully, transformed. – Juan-Daniel Espitia


BEYOND POVERTY. The church is alive in El Salvador and full of beauty and richness of spirit!

I was surprised by the richness of the church and the country, and the life witnessed in the homes and people. – Jaime Nelson

El Salvador is a beautiful country, with warm, hospitable and loving people. – Shar Pauley

The kids were happy and content with whatever they had or were given. It’s made me want to change my own attitude, to be appreciative of the things I have and not take things for granted. – Taylor Ferguson

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