Deacons—Showing Christ’s Love Through Care and Service

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Deacons do a multitude of things in a variety of places to extend God’s love in a variety of ways!

Each month, the SBPC Deacons prepare and serve communion in worship and at home for those who are unable to attend services.

Whenever called, they provide warm and supportive receptions following a memorial service.

The Deacons organize and provide friendly, Christian visitation to anyone in need of a friendly smile and compassionate heart from the church family. This can be arranged for at home, the hospital or care center.

They provide emergency food and hygiene kits to those seeking assistance at the front office. There’s also a stash of medical equipment that is available for free, long term loan.

Prayer teams after worship, the online prayer chain, the Weekly Prayer Focus, the National Day of Prayer and other events, are all organized by the SBPC Deacons. They also send out hundreds of encouraging cards to those seeking prayer support.

A meal ministry supports those in trying times, whether it be an illness, recovery, grief or childbirth.

The Living Through Loss Ministry offers grief workshops as well as the annual Service of Remembrance.


Here’s how you can get involved:

The time requirements are very minimal and very flexible! They can even be family friendly!

Help greet and usher at a memorial service

Bake for a reception

Visit a special friend who is homebound

Go along with a Deacon to serve home communion

Provide transportation to worship

There’s so much going on as we care for one another! It truly takes a village and the Deacons welcome your participation on any of their teams! Please stop by the Deacon table on the patio Sunday, November 11, to learn more or to get involved.

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