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It all started 18 years ago, when I started coming to SBPC. I joined the Social Concerns Committee, which is now called Outreach Leadership Team (OLT). Tom English was the leader of the Environmental Task Force (now Creation Care). He opened my eyes to understand that being a Christian and caring for the environment were not in opposition! Hurray! It did not take me long to become a passionate member of that team and now a Co-Leader of our SBPC Creation Care team with Sheila Rodrigues.

Another eye opening event just happened earlier this month at a conference called “Creation Care at the Frontiers of Mission.” This was a 2-day event exploring the Gospel of the Kingdom at the intersection of environmental stewardship and ministry among the unreached peoples of the world. This event was run by Frontier Ventures in Pasadena and designed to equip and inspire your environmental stewardship.

This event brought in people from all over the world as sponsors, speakers and attendees.
To list a few, Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network, A Rocha, Texas Tech U, Centro de Estudios Teologicos Interdisciplinarios/Costa Rica, Care of Creation, Christianity Today, Wheaton College, Houghton College and Plant with Purpose.

There was a schedule for worship, lecture sessions, short question and answers after each lecture, break-out workshops and a concert of prayer. It was truly an amazing two days with a community of Christians who love the Lord and love his creation. My main take away was that you can’t do it alone! We need to be in community. If you would like to read more about the conference, go to

If you would like to know more about joining a community of devoted Christians who want to expand Christ’s love along with caring for his world, please come visit us on the patio TODAY and check out our web page at

Written by Dawne Dickinson

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