Bible Studies


Sonseekers: This is a class for all ages and stages to study scripture. It meets every Sunday at 8:30am in Debin Hall Room 15 (lower level). This class is led by John Illian.



Mature Adult Bible Study: All ages are welcome to join this friendly group that meets in Ministry Center Room 103. Join us for a fantastic lineup of gifted teachers! Call or email the Mature Adult Resource Center at 858-509-2580 x1400 with any questions.



Men’s Thursday Morning Bible Study: Held on Thursday mornings from 6:30-7:30am in Ministry Center Room 101. Men of all ages are invited and drop-ins are always welcome. We have continuing studies, but you won’t be lost no matter when you first attend or if you can only attend on selected Thursdays. Coffee and donuts are provided.

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